API Management

API Management

StoneDonut’s API Management Solutions are the activities needed to design, create, publish and/or manage the complete lifecycle of application programming interfaces for businesses. Most of the challenges of creating a proper API exists within the planning and architecting phases of the API.

It is important to address not only the business functionality that you wish to provide to the subscriber community, you must also consider the operational functionality as well – security, monetization, usage management, performance management, auditing, and reporting.
You also need to address the adoption functionality – how the subscriber community will find, review, validate, and embrace the API – providing a portal/site location containing full documentation on how to use the API with tutorials, samples, videos, SDKs and frameworks, trial usage capabilities, and immediate API signup capability.
Businesses are leveraging customer-centric solutions in order to maintain their competitive advantage, improve customer satisfaction, attract new business, and enhance their delivery model by gaining insights into their customers through the use of newer disparate technologies.
StoneDonut can help you architect and implement subscriber-focused API solutions to meet your business needs. Please contact us for more information on our API Management Solutions.
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