Systems Integration

Systems Integration

StoneDonut’s Systems Integration Solutions are the integration activities needed to communicate information to and from your internal systems, mobile and IoT systems, 3rd party providers, and custom applications.

It is necessary to determine the source location where the information originates and the destination location where the information will arrive. You need to determine the data structure of the source information and the data structure of the destination information, address their differences, and establish transformation rules in order to translate the source information data structure to the destination data structure.
Some businesses may have developed or implemented their own information standards (message standards), which may require the implementation of canonical message structures that are “published” to a service bus or shared queue within the business infrastructure where they are shared by any systems that can “subscribe” to the message.
It is necessary to determine the transport protocols that will be used to move the information from one point to the other. Also, any security requirements that may be required to communicate with the source and destination systems, the size and volume of information that will be communicated, and peak/seasonal loads to ensure that the infrastructure can support the amount of information that will be communicated.
StoneDonut’s System Integration solutions provide you with a solid roadmap towards resolving your integration challenges with a high level of quality. Please contact us for more information on our Systems Integration Solutions.
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